Case Study: Wix’s Social Media Campaign & The Sea Scape Principles

Back in January 2017, Wix, a website builder, ran a social media campaign leading up to their Super Bowl ad spot. They wanted to ensure that a $5MM, 30 second ad had more visibility and effect than 30 seconds could offer – even if it is during the Super Bowl. It included a giveaway via Facebook Live that would reward $10K per day to a lucky winner up until the Super Bowl, and reward another winner $50K on Game Day with “cold”, “hard” cash. Facebook Live was relatively new at the time of the campaign, having been made publicly available in April 2016.

Wix required participants to change their profile picture to the above photo.

The way that Facebook Live is prioritized in users’ feeds was by the popularity and the interaction that a live feed was receiving. Wix took a multi-faceted approach to spreading the word about their giveaway.

In order to enter into the giveaway, users were required to change their profile picture to one specified by Wix (seen at left) and submit their profile URL through a submission form on Wix’s website.

By having users update their profile image, Wix was able to notify users’ Facebook friends that something was going on. Facebook generally publishes a profile image change to a wider audience of your friends as it is a common thing that people are more interested in seeing. This strategy allowed Wix to capitalize on this expanded exposure.

Wix also had a Facebook Live video feed going each day with an interactive activity that required user comments and engagement, thus pushing up the ranking of the video feed due to the engagement that was taking place. They froze a football in ice, the logo conveniently placed in the ice as well. When the football thawed out and was freed from the barbaric torture chamber, a $10K winner was announced.

Wix inquired of users, what method of assistance they should offer the frozen football.

During the live feed, Wix staff used posters to ask the audience questions regarding which method to use to free the football. Requesting that users comment which method they wanted to see next. Several methods were utilized, including: silly string, salt, space heaters, a torch, a hair dryer, a hammer, boiling water and more! Eventually the football was free and a winner was announced. Nearly 3K comments were submitted, 17K views and many shares. This is apart from the exposure that was had by users replacing their profile picture. It’s difficult to know the full reach achieved by the campaign, but it was definitely a unique and fun way to engage with customers and to gain additional brand familiarity.

The SeaScape principle that was key to the interest in the campaign was the Value Principle. People wanted to win that money! They were willing to take the time to perform the different steps required to enter into the giveaway and many viewed the interactive live feed to participate in the fun.

There may have also been a hint of the Attention Principle at play in that people changed their profile picture, which would lead to interaction or questions from their Facebook friends as to what was going on.

Wix’s featured Super Bowl ad utilized the Story Principle to show their product in action. It featured high profile actors eating at a restaurant when all of the sudden, an intense action scene erupted. All while this was taking place, the owner of the restaurant was busy, fixated on crafting his unique website while sporting a noise canceling pair of headphones. Wix is wanting to convey the idea that business owners can take control of their website and brand by building their site with Wix’s website builder and that they may even have a good time doing it!

Incorporating multiple principles into their social media campaign allowed users to interact with the brand at different levels and commit different levels of commitment with their time and efforts.

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