Slow WooCommerce backend? Try this.

We have a client that was having near 30 second page loads within the admin area of their WordPress website. Upon researching the issue, we narrowed it down to the query that appeared to be the culprit: We then performed some google magic and came upon a thread discussing the issue: Which then led to this one: Basically, … Read More

Analyzing a Sponsored Post: Tap

Today we are analyzing a sponsored post that was seen on Facebook. The company is Tap and their product is exploring a new method for interaction with our electronic devices. It is a wearable device that fits on one hand and detects the movement of the fingers. It translates that movement into a key typically found on the keyboard. Their … Read More

Analyzing a Social Media Video: SMOVE Mobile

SMOVE Mobile is currently advertising on Facebook for their product, the SMOVE Mobile 3-Axis Gimbal. This product is used to get smooth video footage from your cell phone by locking the phone in place and allowing the gimbal to stabilize any movement while walking around. The seascape principle that is being incorporated here is value for the customer. The entire … Read More

Analyzing a Social Media Post: Wendy’s

Wendy’s does an excellent job with their social media. They are best known for their witty replies to customers over Twitter, however, they don’t slack on ensuring there is quality throughout the rest of their social media reach as well. This is apparent in a simple news feed post that I analyzed. This post caught my eye as it included … Read More

Analyzing a Social Media Post

What is the main purpose of the post?Promoting the value of a Tesla autonomous capable vehicle versus a non-autonomous capable vehicle. Who is the audience of the post? The audience of the post would be to any potential and existing customers. Tesla vehicles allow for the option of upgrading to include autopilot and self-driving functions via a software update, meaning … Read More

Test Your PHP Knowledge

From time to time it is a good idea to be quizzed regarding technical aspects of your profession by a colleague or someone your senior in experience. It helps you to be a better developer and helps you to prepare for the next steps in your career advancement by ensuring you know your stuff. The following questions are those that … Read More

Learning Design Patterns: Singleton Pattern

A singleton class is ideal where you need a single instance to be generated, ensuring that when another object interacts with the class, it will use the same instance as another object. It acts as a better means of accessing data globally within your application, without the risks associated with using $_GLOBALS. The idea behind using design patterns is to … Read More

Technical Question: How can you determine if a word is a palindrome?

A simple technical question that may be given is how can you determine if a word is a palindrome or not? A palindrome is a word that can be spelled forward and backwards the same way. Some example palindromes are: madam anna civic kayak level racecar noon mom dad A way to solve this in PHP is to take your … Read More