Analyzing a Sponsored Post: Tap

Today we are analyzing a sponsored post that was seen on Facebook. The company is Tap and their product is exploring a new method for interaction with our electronic devices. It is a wearable device that fits on one hand and detects the movement of the fingers. It translates that movement into a key typically found on the keyboard. Their product catches your eye since it is something that isn’t typically and foreign to the market.

The seascape principle that is most applied in the post is that of Value as well as Attention. Some that have a physical disability will find the value in this device as it allows them to interact with their devices in a way which they may not be able to otherwise. For others, it may be something that attracts attention if they were to purchase the product. It is something radically different from what people generally expect in terms of an input device.

It’s easy to notice multiple design principles being used in the image that the company chose as the sponsored image.

  • Repetition – not that they had much choice here, but the product itself creates a good flow utilizing repetition of the object wrapped around each finger.
  • Rule of Thirds – the hand and product itself intersect on the grid multiple times, attracting the eyes where they naturally like to go.
  • Color – the color scheme is consistent throughout, using muted color tones, black, white and gray.

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