Analyzing a Social Media Video: SMOVE Mobile

SMOVE Mobile is currently advertising on Facebook for their product, the SMOVE Mobile 3-Axis Gimbal. This product is used to get smooth video footage from your cell phone by locking the phone in place and allowing the gimbal to stabilize any movement while walking around. The seascape principle that is being incorporated here is value for the customer. The entire video is focusing on all the features and benefits provided by using the product.

SMOVE Mobile Facebook Advertisement

The design principles that can be noted in this still frame include the following:

  1. Composition – There is good balance and symmetry within the photo. Each element used in the photo have good spacing around them, allowing it to not feel too crowded.
  2. Color – The yellow on the box is a good focal point in the image. Other elements are fairly muted, allowing the eyes to direct right to the product.
  3. Rule of Thirds – There are elements lined up within each 1/3 portion of the photo which I feel adds to the balance of the overall composition of the layout.
SMOVE Mobile Facebook Ad with Grid and Reference Numbers to Design Principles

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