Analyzing a Social Media Post

What is the main purpose of the post?
Promoting the value of a Tesla autonomous capable vehicle versus a non-autonomous capable vehicle.

Who is the audience of the post?

The audience of the post would be to any potential and existing customers. Tesla vehicles allow for the option of upgrading to include autopilot and self-driving functions via a software update, meaning existing customers are still potential buyers of the functionality. This post highlights the fact that Teslas are enabled for the future of driving, today.

How does the post connect with the audience? How does the design connect with the audience?

Followers/believers of the Tesla brand are forward thinking and excited about what the company is doing to disrupt the auto industry. The image in this post features Tesla’s latest model from above, the Model 3, highlighting all of the sensors that enable the autopilot capability.

What value does the post provide to their audience?

I would say that the post invokes the story principle in that it is guiding an individual to think of what a world with autonomous enabled vehicles looks like, and if you are buying a car today – do you want to be without that future?

What metrics (likes, shares, re-tweets, etc.) will be used to determine if the post is successful?

Comments, Re-tweets and hearts can gauge the success of the post.

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