Test Your PHP Knowledge

From time to time it is a good idea to be quizzed regarding technical aspects of your profession by a colleague or someone your senior in experience. It helps you to be a better developer and helps you to prepare for the next steps in your career advancement by ensuring you know your stuff. The following questions are those that … Read More

Learning Design Patterns: Singleton Pattern

A singleton class is ideal where you need a single instance to be generated, ensuring that when another object interacts with the class, it will use the same instance as another object. It acts as a better means of accessing data globally within your application, without the risks associated with using $_GLOBALS. The idea behind using design patterns is to … Read More

Technical Question: How can you determine if a word is a palindrome?

A simple technical question that may be given is how can you determine if a word is a palindrome or not? A palindrome is a word that can be spelled forward and backwards the same way. Some example palindromes are: madam anna civic kayak level racecar noon mom dad A way to solve this in PHP is to take your … Read More