Test Your PHP Knowledge

From time to time it is a good idea to be quizzed regarding technical aspects of your profession by a colleague or someone your senior in experience. It helps you to be a better developer and helps you to prepare for the next steps in your career advancement by ensuring you know your stuff. The following questions are those that … Read More

Learning Design Patterns: Singleton Pattern

A singleton class is ideal where you need a single instance to be generated, ensuring that when another object interacts with the class, it will use the same instance as another object. It acts as a better means of accessing data globally within your application, without the risks associated with using $_GLOBALS. The idea behind using design patterns is to … Read More

Technical Question: How can you determine if a word is a palindrome?

A simple technical question that may be given is how can you determine if a word is a palindrome or not? A palindrome is a word that can be spelled forward and backwards the same way. Some example palindromes are: madam anna civic kayak level racecar noon mom dad A way to solve this in PHP is to take your … Read More

Updating Your Apache Cordova / Ionic App to work with Apple’s iOS 9

Updating your Apache Cordova app to work with iOS 9 comes with some difficulties surrounding the new App Transport Security implementation. The end goal for this requirement is better security for app user’s, which is excellent. However, we ran into some problems when attempting to get our app ready to go. We found that our Cordova platform’s iOS version was … Read More

Import Files into WordPress that aren’t in the Media Library

We are working on a new site for a client and decided that a fresh start would be the way to go. However, we wanted to go ahead and import all of their blog posts too. Unfortunately the WordPress importer doesn’t import images, etc. that are not set as a featured image. We went ahead and uploaded all of the … Read More